Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween (for my mum)

I have been asked (repeatedly) by my mom to start posting on my blog again. So I am, although I have much better things I could be doing with my time, like Facebook :) Here are pics of Halloween this year.

No I would never fight you on doing my homework... I'm too adorable.

Ninja Gavin

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer 2009

Jas on the bike with Andy.

Ha ha Asia.

Sometimes we go outside and do normal stuff and I feel like a good mom. Erm... yes that is my three year old on a tiny motorcycle. Whatever. At least I'm a fun.

Oh Gavie.

A neighbor boy came by and gave him some pointers, he was 11 at most and was patient in showing him things. He said Gavin was good for his age. Thankyou boy stranger.

Mother's Day (I am blessed)

Oh my little gifts. You have made me who I am and continue to teach me. I am ever amazed at you complexity and diversity. I love you with everything in me.
P.S. Sorry I am crazy sometimes. It just means I love you. And also that I'm crazy :)

She's in time out for this adorable, naughty little art project. They are all smiley faces. My sweet Asia. So full of sunshine and hearts and flowers.

Jasmine, posing. Candidly. She's a real person now. It's weird and wonderful.

Did you hear that? It's my heart breaking. He's so cute.

They cleaned up the winter shoes for me.

They colored on a pizza box, if you look closely all of their handprints and names are on there. Asia's name is big. You have to hunt for it.

I love these women

These are moments from our girls night weekend in St. George. I have a confession. I always miss boys on girls nights. But this one held no such feelings! AMAZING fun. When I look over these photos I have a secret fantasy about the three of us living together in one giant house with all 7 kids. I forgot about the husbands... I guess they can have a room. And we will laugh and cook and clean and cry and yell and experience together. Until our cycles coordinate and we decide to move away from each other. And by away from, I mean across the street from. So here's to you my dear, wonderful friends. You are a support to me, you teach me, you need me, and you love me. I love so you hard I can feel it like it's a physical things. It's big and dense and ever growing.
P.S. We bought that rooster for Cara for her birthday months later. He showed up without a beak.... ya. But now she has a project as Rae puts it. :)
P.P.S. I am still figuring out this blog thing, so sorry that nothing is centered rigth and my text is broken up in the wrong places. I am sure you'll all recover.

The Olsen Twins

My sister is beautiful